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With tech experts within the climate impact sector, exchanging thoughts, ideas, and forecasting. 

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What is Climate Tech?

Technologies that are explicitly focused on reducing GHG emissions and addressing impacts of global warming.

Each country has their own targets, Swedens target is to become Climate neutral 

by 2045 and Climate Negative by 2050.

What are some areas of interest?

According to the UN environment programme we need to cut 

30 Gton of GHG by 2030 the areas to be addressed are:

  • Energy 
  • Agriculture, Food & Waste 
  • Nature based solutions 
  • Buildings and Cities 
  • Industry 
  • Transport

What innovations are of interest:

Any technology that adds value in following:

  • Improvements of core renewable energy solutions 
  • Emerging technlologies 
  • Resource-saving – Waste recovery 
  • Business models + new behaviors

Stings role within the Climate Tech scene:

Sting has recently launched a new Climate Action initiative. With significant funding from the European Regional Development Fund, Sting will help 100 ClimateTech companies over the chorus of 4 years. This is a massive task with a large impact and will resonate all over the world.

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Thomas Öström

The founder of Climeon and Board member/co owner of Landmark Power Holdings. Owner of Silon Capital, Cleantech investment. He has an Honorary Ph.D. in Technology as well as an MSc in Computer Science.

Thomas primarily coaches startups within the clean energy field.


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Sting + ClimateTech

what is climate tech.

what areas are of interest

 and why investors need you 

Tune in on the discussion with Sting coach Thomas Öström where he talks about climate tech and why we need more startups in this sector now.

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